Laminate flooring China Manufacture

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Oct. 28, 2022

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Laminate flooring is composed of four layers of materials. At the top is a clear wear layer that protects the lower image layer—a photographic image of wood or stone. The third layer is a thin, impact-resistant layer, followed by the bulk of the product: High-density fiberboard, or HDF. The final, and lowest layer, is soft foam or, with some laminates, a backer paper layer.


Laminate Flooring China Manufacture

Laminate flooring is designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood or tile flooring. Because of its added durability, laminate flooring can be used in a variety of rooms in your home, even places where hardwood cannot be used. Laminate flooring can be used as a stylish alternative to hardwood or carpet in living rooms and bedrooms. It can even be used in high traffic areas like kitchens because it is so easy to clean and maintain.

Laminate flooring China Manufacture

1. The Wear Layer: This top layer is made of aluminum oxide, one of the hardest materials known today. This durable layer protects your floor from scuffs and scratches.

2. The Décor Layer: This layer gives your floor the appearance of natural wood with a printed design on moisture-resistant melamine paper. (Melamine—a hard plastic used to cover other materials—is used to make melamine resin, which can then be poured onto decorative paper and eventually laminated.) We offer many unique and stylish options to complement any décor.

3. The Core Layer: This is made up from a wood-based fiber that is glued together and pressed. The core layer provides your floor with extra strength that will last for years.

4.The Backer Layer: This melamine layer provides support for your floor. It also keeps the planks flat and balanced, which prevents your floor from warping.


Order SPC flooring

Suitable for commercial and domestic use alike, it can be installed in living rooms and bedrooms alike for beauty and practicality
Lamicraft supports custom services, typically 36"/48"/60"/72" in length and 6"/7"/9" in width 
Minimum order quantity is one 20GP small cabinet, sample is free, shipping fee is paid, certificate is attached


Choose Lamicraft to be your supplier of rustic laminate wood flooring and make more wealth!

Lamicraft mainly deals with spc flooring and laminate flooring. Our company exports more than 3 million square meters of spc flooring every year, with 6 production lines, stable production capacity and high cost performance of flooring, we keep a good reputation among our customer base and our customers have been very trustful of our products. They are some home building materials wholesalers and retailers as well as homeowners who need to renovate.

Our customers from USA, Germany, Canada, Chile, Russia and other countries and regions have been cooperating with us for a long time! (If you need these for your project, you should send us a message!)

SPC Laminate flooring is mainly used in home decoration and some commercial, etc. spc has a number of advantages such as 100% waterproof, fire resistance, no formaldehyde, easy installation, environmental protection, etc. Its cost performance is very high, the price is lower than solid wood flooring but has most of the advantages of solid wood flooring.

Size can be customized, thickness can be customized, SPC flooring thin, hard, laminate flooring, thicker

SPC flooring on the official website is the spelling and shape is different, if you want to get the price list, please ask us for the form!

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