What Every Buyer Needs To Know about Custom Printed Balloons?

Author: Marie

Feb. 07, 2023

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Decorative balloons will complement your aesthetic whether you are hosting a formal or casual event. You can use it indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference.

Another interesting feature is that it is not a regular balloon. It’s any balloon you want – any style,design or any color scheme. Are you looking for a bunch of orange balloons? You’ve thought about it. Or do you prefer something more stylish, such as silver, black, or white?

What does this mean, aren't all latex balloons the same? I mean it's a bag of balloons. Well in one way, yes they're the same. Or let's say they're similar. They are all just a film of rubber made when a form is dipped into a vat of liquid latex, then dried, washed a couple of times, dried, and bagged.

But what's in this vat specifically? Is it a thin, weak, and watery mix, designed to get the most pieces of those little colored stretchy things out of a batch? Or is it engineered to make a stronger, thicker film of rubber? Are the forms that are dipped into this vat clean, or are they harboring dust or other foreign material? These are the "minor details" that make ALL the difference between a bargain balloon and a premium quality custom printed balloon. A piece of debris whether it's dust or some other object, clinging to a form that's dipped into a vat of latex will create a flaw in the balloon. You can actually see them sometimes when inflating. Because the film of latex isn't uniform and has this flaw it will break when you try and fill it. Of course, this happens to every brand from time to time. But the more careful the quality control, the less it happens. Yes the best custom printed latex balloon begins with the best balloon.

Next step is to shop where you have the most choices from what is available in quality, color and style, not where they have choice A and choice B and nothing else. Many online sellers have one or two sizes and only a handful of colors to choose from.

Custom Logo Print Balloon

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