Why Choose Our Fiberglass Window Screen?

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Oct. 31, 2022

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Fiberglass Window Screen

Fiberglass fly screen is the most widely used material for flying screens and is made of vinyl-coated fiberglass wire. Fiberglass window screen is a flexible and economical option all over the world. The fiberglass screen is slightly opaque, but it still provides good visibility from the inside. Also, they don't wrinkle like aluminum screens. These screens can be acquired in both heavy-duty, fine and standard grades. Of these, standard grade is the most commonly used and the cheapest option.


Fiberglass Fly Screen Parameters

Material: Fiberglass.

Weave: Plain weaving.

Color: Black, Grey, Grey-White Mixed, White, Beige and etc. 

Usage: Fixed window & door, rolling window & door, pleated window & door, door curtain, etc.

If you want know more about the application of fiberglass fly screen or other products, you can browse the article Application for window screen series.


Fiberglass Fly Screen Features:

1. Cnscreening fiberglass screen is mainly used fiberglass insect screen or sunshade fabrics in many countries.

2. protection against mosquitoes & insects & fly & bugs, anti-fire, corrosion resistant, UV ultraviolet-proof, good air and light transmission, easy clean & install, eco-friendly, long durability service, beautiful look high tensile strength.


Fiberglass Fly Screen Pros:

1. Inexpensive.

2. Available in a range of options and colours.

3. Doesn't dent as it's more forgiving when bumped.


Why Choose Our Products?

Anping Zenyo fiberglass fly screen is made of glass fiber by the means of flamentship plastic-coating process. This product has good ventilation for sunshade, easy washing, and anticorrosive, resistance to burn, stable shape and long service life and feels straight. Now they are widely used for all sorts of airy installation preventing insects and mosquitoes in construction, orchard, ranch etc. If you're new to screening and not sure where to start, please contact us and we'll help you choose the best fiberglass window screen.

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