How Much Do You Know About All-terrain Tyres?

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Nov. 02, 2022

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As an important part of your car - the tyres - provide you with the point of contact of your vehicle on the road, without good tyres you don't have good traction. And all-terrain tyres provide a great experience for many drivers, especially when you are driving over a variety of terrains.


So, with so many types and sizes of tyres on the market, not to mention more companies selling them, what kind of all-terrain tyre is best for you? We think it's best to take a closer look at all-terrain tyres so that you can fully understand whether they are a necessary addition to your equipment. We want to help you make the right decision, so we've answered some frequently asked questions about all-terrain tyres.


all-terrain tyres

all-terrain tyres




What are all-terrain tyres?
What are the benefits of all-terrain tyres? 
What are the disadvantages of all-terrain tyres? 
Do all-terrain tyres last shorter?
Are all-terrain tyres suitable for off-road driving?
Are all-terrain tyres suitable for on-road driving?
Will all-terrain tyres slow you down?
Do you really need all-terrain tyres?



What are all-terrain tyres?


All-terrain tyres are suitable for all terrains, from paved motorways to off-road gravel and dirt roads. They combine the open tread 'knob' design of an off-road tyre with the road handling capabilities of a street tyre. All-terrain offers drivers of sport utility vehicles, trucks and all-wheel drive vehicles more options for on-road and off-road driving. 



What are the benefits of all-terrain tyres? 


There are several reasons for adding all-terrain tyres to many vehicles. If you need better traction on gravel, dirt roads, snow or ice, all-terrain tyres can help.


Tread design. With an open tread design, all-terrain tyres offer better traction in off-road conditions and proper handling on standard roads.


Reinforced sidewalls. These sidewalls provide your vehicle with greater load-bearing capacity and can withstand the stresses of uneven off-road driving.


Year-round availability. Because they can handle standard road conditions, off-road conditions and snow conditions, ATVs can be used all year round without the need to change tyres seasonally. For example, adding snow tyres in winter and then reverting to summer tyres. In addition, the soft all-terrain tread is open, making them more self-cleaning when you are driving in mud and snow.



What are the disadvantages of all-terrain tyres? 


They are noisy. Because their tread blocks have a unique symmetrical groove pattern, air does not flow smoothly through the grooves. This causes them to make more noise when driving in the way they hit the road and the air that passes through them than all-season tyres on road tyres.


Reduced fuel efficiency. Due to the heavy-duty nature of all-terrain tyres, they are less fuel efficient. The lower fuel efficiency is due to greater wind resistance as well as the tyre's grip and tread pattern. You will find that they are heavier than their on-road counterparts.

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Do all-terrain tyres last shorter?


Due to the softness of the rubber used in all-terrain tyres, all-terrain tyres generally have a shorter lifespan than other types of tyres, and in general all-terrain tyres may need to be replaced every 40,000 miles. But it is this softness that gives the tread traction and allows it to perform well on rocky surfaces.



Are all-terrain tyres suitable for off-road use?


All-terrain tyres have deeper tread and sidewalls for enhanced off-road use, but the rubber is also softer, so the tread will wear faster.

The best off-road tyre will be the one designed for the terrain you are on, which is not an all-terrain tyre. In extreme cases, off-roaders will change their off-road tyres to suit the terrain, but this is not feasible for most people. Compared to on-road tyres, all-terrain tyres have stronger fittings and can better withstand the cuts, tears and deformations caused by off-road surfaces, so a good set of all-terrain is the choice for most people.


suv tyres

suv tyres



Are all-terrain tyres suitable for road driving?


All Terrain can be used for highway driving, but remember that AT tyres are designed for all conditions, so they will not be as good or as bad as on-road tyres. We have used all types of tyres and can assure you that AT tyres are good on the road, much better than off-road tyres. However, compared to on-road tyres, AT tyres will be heavier, louder and will not grip the road as much.


taxi tyres

taxi tyres


Will all-terrain tyres slow you down?


Generally speaking, all-terrain tyres don't slow you down significantly. Because these tyres have excellent handling capabilities, you can turn without slowing down significantly. And with softer tread rubber, the ride on rough terrain and bumpy dirt roads is smoother than on all-season tyres. But if you're looking for better fuel consumption, you might consider slowing down a little on the road.



Do you really need all-terrain tyres?


All-terrain tyres can make challenging rides more comfortable and give drivers confidence in slippery conditions, but they're not for everyone. If you spend most of your time on the road encountering occasional gravel and snow, using all-season road tyres will be your best bet. But if you go off-road and still want a comfortable highway experience, AT tyres can be a valuable investment for you. If you expect the best off-road performance, then AT tyres still won't cut it.


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